Hop On ChitterChatter

ChitterChatter phone by Hop-On (price N/A)



ChitterChatter is worn on the wrist like a watch. Needless to say, it’s strictly for the kiddies. It’s primarily for protection—equipped with a GPS device and an alarm that will sound if the watch is forcibly removed. The Hop-On phone was introduced in 2006 and eventually hopped on to the Verizon and AT&T networks about a year ago. The battery lasts for two hours of talk time and the phone itself includes only five keys, making it about as basic as they come.

For parents:
The ChitterChatter will reject any number not in the pre-programmed address book, which holds up to seven numbers. The speed-dial options include numbers for mom, dad and 911. There’s also a “Track-Me” button that will and a child’s location to mom and dad’s cell phones via text message. The phone also includes a speakerphone feature, and is available in a senior citizens’ model.

What kids will like:
For younger children the ChitterChatter is a fun option.

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