Can Cell Phones Harm Children?

There has been much debate over the potential dangers of cell phone use, especially where children are concerned. Because cell phones are a somewhat recent technology, there is no real conclusive data linking cell phone use and brain tumors.

“It’s not wise for us, at this point, to just assume this is a safe device,” Dr. Keith Black, head of neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, told Newsweek in 2008.

What is known is that the microwave radiation emitted from cell phones can be more damaging to a child’s brain simply because their skulls are thinner and less protective.

The best way to keep kids safe is to simply limit their cell phone use. Headsets are also a good method, and even Bluetooth emits far less rays than the actual phone. Another way—and one kids likely won’t argue with—is to simply let them send text messages to friends. Just be sure to include an unlimited text plan with your service. You can also choose phones with lower SAR ratings (Specific Absorption Rate)—the lower the number given, the less radiation emitted.

It might be years before scientists reach any conclusive information. And the debate will no doubt continue as scientists continue to explore the dangers of cell phone use.

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